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No one likes a faulty smartphone: When you keep more or less your whole life on a device, you need that gadget to keep functioning properly. Unfortunately, bugs, crashes, and other issues are inevitable, especially as your phone gets older. On the bright side, many of the most common issues have relatively simple fixes—which you can perform yourself.

The simplest solution is to uninstall all non-essential applications.

Before you get started, a word of warning: You won’t be able to fix every problem yourself. If these solutions don’t do the trick, you might have to take your handset to a professional repair shop, or upgrade to a new model.

We at Manaspace Mobile Phone Repairs don’t just do mobile phone repairs but are also able to repair almost all types of handheld devices, from iPhone and android to tablets and of every make and model in-between as well as troubleshoot any software issues.

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My Samsung Galaxy S7 required a battery replacement and the process was so easily organized by the wonderful crew at the Manaspace Phones shop. I was kept informed at every step of the process and the job was completed quickly and efficiently, at a very reasonable price.

Ernestina Otchere

Absolutely pleased with the customer service received from Manaspace Phones. The guys are super friendly, extremely helpful, and provide quick, reliable service. I would recommend them to anyone as capable, efficient and cost conscious.

Kwabena Gyamfi