Battery Replacement

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Much to the charging of most consumers, a mobile phone battery may not last for the life of the phone. Having the battery run flat and unable to accept a charge does occasionally happen. When it does, the only answer is to purchase a fresh, new battery to install, so knowing how to select a replacement mobile phone battery is a good idea.

We source the best batteries for most phone manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung. This means we only use genuine parts and our repairs won’t void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Manaspace Phone repairs is the smart way to get your phone or tablet repaired. Our experienced repair technicians will repair your phone securely for you.

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My Samsung Galaxy S7 required a battery replacement and the process was so easily organized by the wonderful crew at the Manaspace Phones shop. I was kept informed at every step of the process and the job was completed quickly and efficiently, at a very reasonable price.

Ernestina Otchere

Absolutely pleased with the customer service received from Manaspace Phones. The guys are super friendly, extremely helpful, and provide quick, reliable service. I would recommend them to anyone as capable, efficient and cost conscious.

Kwabena Gyamfi